Black borders around windows

Hi All,
I sometimes saw black borders around windows in ubuntu 14.04. It’s not only in r21.5 but also r21.6.
And it cannot be fixed unless I reboot system.
I found below bug report of ubuntu 14.04 was similar with this issue.

In this bug report, it said this bug has been fixed by updated Nvidia graphic driver.
My question is, is it possible for Nvidia apply the fix in L4T?


Hi FrankPCP,

Could you take a photo of this case?

Hi WayneWWW,
The picture is as attachment.

Hi FrankPCP,

Looks like an issue. Could you describe your test environment? Is it an issue easy to reproduce?

Other tk1 also hit this error?

Hi FrankPCP,

Any update for my previous comment? Thanks

Hi WayneWWW,
The test environment is not special. I just start up the system and see this issue. It doesn’t happen every times. The probability is 2~3/50.
I will do more test on Jestson K1 to see if this can also find in TK1.

We failed to reproduce this issue on our tk1 after 20 times retry. Please check if it only happens to single device.

One possibility I wonder…is your desktop set to auto-start any applications upon login? Or is it the default?

Hi WayneWWW,
I also did test 100 times and cannot produce this issue on Jetson TK1.
There are two displays on our board, hdmi and edp. Could it be the key point of this issue?

Hi FrankPCP,

Not really sure how it happened, but please help to provide an easier way to reproduce this issue, then we can investigate the possible cause further.