Nvidia Jetson TK1 problem

I execute the update program that the Ubuntu’s board had it (my board is the Jetson TK1), and it downloaded several updates. The problem is with one of them, the Operating System become block (it did not respond to the keyboard or mouse).
So, after 10 hours bloqued, I swithed it off by the “Reset” button.
Now Ubuntu does not boot properly, and after displaying the initial text with all the hardware, the screen become black and it does not do anything else.
How can I reset the Operating System in the board in that case? How I can restore it?
Thank you so much in advance

After it boots up, you should be able to get a command prompt with


Once you are at a command prompt,

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

If you see that your libglx.so does not match, then you have the problem described here


You can copy an old copy over the corrupt one and reboot and it should fix the problem. It did for me anyway.

I have the exact same problem, yesterday I did the update, and now it doesn’t boots up.
ctrl-alt-f1 it’s not workink here.

Like “gineshidalgo99” said, after the initial text of the boot (I actually see the nVidia logo after that), but then, screen goes black and nothing happens.

Any update on this issue? I have similar problem where mid upgrade, my power supply went off, shutting off my Jetson. When ever I turn it on I have the exact same symptoms as the ones described by the two users here. It would be really helpful if someone can respond to this issue. Thanks!