Jetson TX1 Ubuntu desktop graphics glitch


Is anyone else experiencing this kind of graphical glitch in the Ubuntu desktop of their Jetson TX1 (see linked image)?

The glitch moves around as the screen is updated, e.g. when typing, or moving windows. The issue doesn’t seem to appear with very low monitor resolutions (e.g. 1024 x 768).

Is there a remedy for it?

(I have installed JetPack L4T 2.1 and updated Jetson with the automated update tool.)

Edit: I switched the desktop environment to LXDE (sudo apt-get install lxde), which doesn’t appear to suffer from the same issue. (After installation LXDE can be chosen from the login screen.)

My TX1 dev kit arrived yesterday, and I ran apt-get update; apt-get upgrade, so I assume it’s running the latest stuff, and I noticed that problem too.

The issue kind of looks like tearing, though I don’t know how to determine for sure if that is the case. There may be parameters for sync which would help debug.

Our SQA also verified GNOME desktop being no such issue. This screen issue seems specific to Ubuntu Unity desktop only so we won’t address it immediately - meaning a lower priority issue for us.

When I installed Gnome desktop to try to fix this issue I received an unrecoverable black screen, did you do anything special with Gnome desktop?

I am having the same issue but slightly different. The desktop windows stop responding as if the desktop has hung, but I am able to open new windows (ie Firefox, file browser etc) and then those eventually stop responding. The only fix is to reboot.

Did you try cycling through the different desktop options at the login screen? I remember seeing something similar when trying to enable a Wayland GNOME desktop.

If the nVidia-specific files were overwritten, you may need to put those back in place. Check:

sha1sum -c /etc/nv_tegra_release

(Or the corollary, putting in an X11 server with a different ABI)