GTX 1070 - 378.13 ~ Arch Linux KDE Plasma 5 screen artifacts after resuming from sleep

Hey all,

With the newest update for NVIDIA GPUs installed after each suspend&resuming procedure (the issue’s sucessfully reproduced several times, and it happens everytime I wake PC from sleep) the whole screen fills up with artifacts of the desktop underneath the built-in KDE lock screen (I refuse to use KDE integrated login manager sddm since it primarily caused a serious failure of my computer with NVIDIA proprietary drivers… Though, I didn’t report it, and I don’t know whether the bug exists or not any longer…).

The issue is solved temporarily until another suspend by switching to any virtual console and switching back to the one with X11 session running. However, it may take a few attempts before a sucessfull fix.

It’s worth mentioning that starting X session with startx – -logverbose 6 not only make a log file include as much relevant information, but also fixes the bug.
So the log file may be less informative in this case.

I hope it helps solve the issue!
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (115 KB)

Have you tried the new driver (381.09)?

Thank you for replying!

No, I have not.

I believe it’d be a bad trade-off as it may bring another bug due to that driver is marked as BETA by the arch community.
Honestly, I feel very uncomfortable tinkering around critical software/drivers myself.