Grid Launch Failure Issues


Recently, I’ve re-installed my OS and moved to the latest versions of Nvidia drivers, Cuda and visual studio. Since then, I’m unable to stop at breakpints within cuda kernels(using the legacy debugger) while getting the “Grid Launch Failure Error” from the Nsight monitor. I’ve tried it even on simple “example kernels” from Nvidia but no luck.

I’ve set the “WDDM time” to 8 and verified that the option “generate GPU Debug information” is set to true. In addition, I’ve enable the option “allow access to the GPU performence counter” in order to enable GPU profiling.

My setup is:
GPU: Nvidia GTX 760
OS : Win 10
Cuda : 10.2
Visual Studio 2019
Nvidia Drivers: 441.20
I’m Using 2 screens connected to the GU itself.

Any idea how to solve this?