Grid M10, View 7.4, Windows 10 Dual Monitor resolution problem


I have 4 ESXi 6.5 hosts on UCS C240 M4SX servers with Dual GRID M10 cards.

The problem I am having is the maximum resolution I can get to with Dual Monitors. I am expecting to be able to get 1920X1080 on both monitors with Windows 10. However, the highest resolution I can get to is 1366X768. I am using GRID Profile M10-1a as the deployment guide states this is required for dual monitors on Windows 10.

I do not have the same problem on Windows 7 using the same Nvidia GRID profile M10-1b.

Is it possible to get dual screen resolution of 1920X1080 with a GRID M10 on Windows 10? I only have Virtual PC and Virtual Application licenses for our GRID installation.

This has put our POC on hold until we can get an answer, or the issue resolved.

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why are you using a M10-1A profile? Please read the documentation thoroughly.
Each physical GPU can support several different types of virtual GPU. Virtual GPU types have a fixed amount of frame buffer, number of supported display heads, and maximum resolutions. They are grouped into different series according to the different classes of workload at which they are targeted. Each series is identified by the last letter of the vGPU type name.

Q-series virtual GPU types are targeted at designers and power users.
B-series virtual GPU types are targeted at power users.

A-series virtual GPU types are targeted at virtual applications users.

A-series NVIDIA vGPUs support a single display at low resolution because they are intended to support remote application environments such as RDSH and Xenapp. In these environments, virtualized applications are typically rendered in an off-screen buffer. Therefore, the maximum resolution for the A-series NVIDIA vGPUs is independent of the maximum resolution of the display head.

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So why are you using 1A instead of 1B for Windows 10? Any reason? A profiles are only for RDS deployments and are restricted to 1280x1024 resolution to avoid "wrong usage".



yes Is it possible to get the dual screen resolution of 1920X1080 with a GRID M10 on Windows 10.
you can follow this article to setup Dual monitor with windows 10