Hi all,

I just bought the GRID M40 Graphics card and would like to use it for simulation computing.

I am now having trouble installing it on my computer. I was assured that the usual PCi Express 3.0 would do, but it looks to me as if the card is not recognised.

My computer is

Core i7-6700K BOX procesor, Skylake,
Asus Z170 motherboard
Primary grapgics card: Grafična kartica Nvidia Quadro M4000 8GB PNY PCIe

Thanks in advanced for your help.


Some of the “pro level” graphics cards require a mainboard BIOS with “large Base Address Register (BAR) support”. Usually server mainboards have that feature. I am not sure if that might apply to nVidia products as well, but the Xeon PHI cards definitely need it:

On some mainboards (Asus?) this feature might be called “Above 4G Decoding” and may have to be enabled explicitly in the BIOS.

txbob knows more about these things, but as far as I am aware, Tesla GPUs require large BAR areas, I don’t know about GRID. But it’s a very plausible working hypothesis.

Hey, thanks a lot for a very quick reply.

So I guess the problem is probably in the motherboard. I can check in the BIOS if there is an option that could enable Large Base Address Register.

Do you maybe know such motherboard that would support this card?

I will get back to you with more info. In case you have additional ideas, they are most welcome.