gst-rtsp-server does not build successfully on TX1

I`ve flashed my TX1 with latest JetPack 3.1.

Then i`ve cloned&installed from step-by-step this repos:

each package was built with this sequence:

removing from --enable-gtk-doc


sudo make install

when building gst-rtsp-server i`ve got this error.

make[2]: Entering directory '/home/ubuntu/gst-rtsp-server/examples'
  CC       test-video.o
  CCLD     test-video
../gst/rtsp-server/.libs/ undefined reference to `gst_rtsp_message_parse_auth_credentials'
../gst/rtsp-server/.libs/ undefined reference to `gst_rtsp_generate_digest_auth_response'
../gst/rtsp-server/.libs/ undefined reference to `gst_rtsp_auth_credentials_free'

Does anybody know what to do in this situation?
It seems to me, that problem lies somewhere in gstreamer repo.

My Task is to stream some video from TX1 via RTSP.

Please refer to

This worked properly!


sudo apt-get install libgstrtspserver-1.0 libgstreamer1.0-dev

test-launch.c @

gcc test-launch.c -o test-launch $(pkg-config --cflags --libs gstreamer-1.0 gstreamer-rtsp-server-1.0)
./test-launch "videotestsrc ! omxh265enc ! rtph265pay name=pay0 pt=96"

Open network stream rtsp://<TARGET_IP_ADDRESS>:8554/test via VLC

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