GStreamer 4K @60f/s


Could anyone successfully stream 4K video at 60 fps rate using Jetson Xavier and CSI-2 cameras? If yes, please provide which camera module and sensor you used.

I’m trying to use Leopard Imaging camera module with IMX577 sensor, but can only get clear image with 4K at 29 fps.


I would suggest to use imx274 for 4K 60fs you may consult to Leopard or any others partner to get this module or any others module.

Hi Ax1,

We have camera which can support up to 4K 60fps. Please refer to following link.

Thank you all for the information.

There are many camera modules out there that vendor claims can support up to 4K 60fps. That seems to be the max resolution it can operate. I’m wondering if 4K 60fps was actually verified on Xavier platform and it can produce clear 4K 60fps image.

Really appreciate feedback from individual in this community who actually tried it out and had it working.



We have verified that 4K@60fps images can run successfully on Xavier. It can also support 4 cameras x 4K@60fps. Xavier’s MIPI bandwidth is very powerful. Do not worry.