What is the maximum display resolution supported by Xavier AGX

I am working on a Xavier AGX devkit flashed with L4T 32.5 and Jetpack 4.5.

I am trying to connect multiple 4k display to the board, The display which I connected via HDMi cable is working on a resolution of 3840x2160p 60Hz where as the display I connected using hdmi to type-c converter has a supported resolution of 3840x2160p 30Hz. (I have used same display)

Why is this difference in frame rate? What is the maximum supported resolution by the board?

Ashik P.

Because one case is going through the HDMI driver while another case goes to the DP case.

The 4k@60 fps case may got filtered out in DP driver.

Does that mean dp port doesnot support 4K at 60fps?

No, the mode probably got filtered out due to something else but not 4k@60 itself.

A display mode is not only composed of x,y and framerate.

If you want and able to rebuild kernel, then I can point out the path to check this part.

Yes i can check it.


Please go to kernel/nvidia/drivers/video/tegra/dc/dp.c

and check below function.


This function will read mode list from your monitor and check it one by one. If that mode is accpected, it will pass all the condition and get return true in the end.

Thus, if 4k@60 mode is gone, you should check which condition returns false.

Okay, I will checkc that out. Thanks for the details.