gt240 ddr5 driver? Is there proper driver for gt240 ddr5 ensuring good performance?

Can anybody help me?

I have gt240 ddr5, linux ubuntu 64. I want to use CUDA. Where can I get driver my video card?


Thanks. But it seems that it doesn’t support gt240. See page “SUPPORTED PRODUCTS” there.

Then you will see
“GeForce 200 series:
210, GTX 285, GTS 250, GTX 295, G210, GT 220, GTX 275, GTX 260, GTX 280”

  • there is no gt240 in list … :( … or you think it doesn’t matter?


Well. if you go to


and fill in all of the selection boxes, that’s what you get. My GT 240 came bundled with 191.07, but doesn’t show on the Windows list until the 195s.

And a model can always be inserted into the setup files…

I use a GT240 in Linux with 195.36 with no problems.

Nice … useful information … Thanks a lot.