GT440 fan speed can not be lowered below 50%


Today I installed a new Asus GT440 into my PC

installed Linux driver: 304.60
Linux distro: Fedora 13.

Option “Coolbits” “4”
to my xorg.conf, so nvidia-settings shows the “Enable GPU Fan Settings” in
the Thermal Settings. The fan speed percentage defaults to 50%.

Increasing it and then clicking “Apply” works: the fan runs faster.

Decreasing it (e.g. to 40%) and clicking “Apply” does nothing: the slider returns to 50%.

I’d love to decrease it, the card runs at 30-34C with the fan at 50%
(which is quite noisy).

I have scoured the web for answers, and nothing works (did not try
the “flash gpu bios” (?) suggestion that I saw in a few places).

Is there any way to troubleshoot this?

I downloaded the nvidia-settings source, I’m perfectly happy to
do any required coding to fix this…


Black Sun!

The 304 driver is out of support for nearly two years now. The GT440 should be supported by the still alive 340 driver. Nevertheless, which ranges can be controlled is often set by the vendor in vbios.