Gt440 not manageble without flashing bios?

I’ve tried a whole lot of different programs to control fan speed specificly, both nvidia provided such as control panel, and 3rd party, since my fan speed turns down (!!) when the gpu usage is increased (bug anyone).
But according to online general consensus the only way to reliably manage the gpu fan speed is to flash its bios (a rather complicated task and not without risk)

My tests have indeed shown that no program whatsoever has any influence over the fan speed other than the its own buggy autocontrol, its top speed I have clocked at 4400 rpm (speedfan) its idle speed is approx. 3000 rpm but when its at 92´ celcius or higher it often runs at the 2700-2900 range (all speedfan numbers, but other similar programs give similar dispersions, though at times with different numbers)

Graphics card: Geforce GT 440
Current Bios version: 70.06.1d.00.02
Video Driver: 320,49

Isnt there a way to actually unlock the fan speed in the next driver update?