Fan speed adjustment not working, click apply resets value

I want to lower the speed at which my GTX 760 fan is running at but everytime I enter a new value and click apply it just changes right back to fan speed value 43. It’s idling between 1,200 and 1,260 RPM and I want to lower it. Is there a reason I can’t set a different value? This is the EVGA Super Clocked GTX 760 2GB with ACX Cooler. Here’s a video showing the behavior

Might be that is minimum speed needed for fan to keep gpu cool. Did you test with any other nvidia drivers ?

More like a vga bios restriction. You can’t go lower than vga bios lowest value it’s hard coded. Evga bioses with acx coolers have been quite notorious with this high idle rpm value(+40%) and thus noisy fan. You could mod vga bios yourself(and void your warranty, which is very bad) or check if evga has new bios for you(should not void your warranty this way, but there’s always risk to brick your card doing bios updates), i.e.:

Easiest would be contact directly to evga and ask them, they usually have good support.

thank you for the info!