Gtx 970, 2 monitors, only one detected with Nvidia settings xorg.conf file. How to ?

I got a new GTX 970 card, and I’m using 2 monitors.
I’m using archlinux. As it is updated, I’m running the latest Nvidia drivers.

Using Nvidia settings, I can set the place of each monitor (layout).
But saving xorg.conf only saves informations for one monitor.
So, when I reboot, my monitors are not well placed (layout), and have to launch Nvidia settings again.

Of course, I tried running this nvidia tool as root - same problem !

What can I do so that nvidia-settings generates a good xorg.conf file ?
Thanks in advance.

Some more info : Everything was fine with my gtx 570 card, so, I suppose my monitors are OK.
Unfortunately, this gtx 570 card died !

There is one difference with the dvi outputs :
no analog support on one of my gtx 970 outputs -
2 analog support on my old gtx 570 card outputs.

I’m using one numeric display and one analog display.

Here is my Xorg.0.log file :

I solved my problem :
archlinux / cinnamon do not use nvidia- settings; xorg.conf is not loaded upon boot.
Instead, my computer uses the cinnamon preference panel to set location of monitors.
I answer in case someone gets the same problem.