H5py installation failing in virtual environment

Hi there,

I have been trying to go through these instructions to install Tensorflow in a virtual environment on my Jetson Nano 2GB:


I was able to successfully install Tensorflow without using a virtual environment, but the installation fails when I try to use a virtual env. I get to the step in section 3.1 from the link above that says “Install the desired version of TensorFlow and its dependencies” under the “Activate the Virtual Environment” header. The installer pauses for a long time at “Installing backend dependencies” for h5py and then fails.

I was trying to do this with a fresh installation of Jetpack 4.6. I even re-imaged the SD card and tried again. Fails every time.


Please note that we only provide the default python 3.6 package.
Do you also use python 3.6 for the virtual environment?



Yes I am using python 3.6 for the virtual env.

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