Hardware h264 encoding for USB camera

I’m trying to record the video stream from a USB camera.
I currently succeeded to do it using x264enc in GStreamer but it is a little bit slow.
I saw in the documentation that there are some hardware encoders available ( here ).
I installed the packages as indicated in the doc, but it didn’t install any of the hardware encoders (omxh264enc, nvv4l2h264enc,…).
How could I install them? (or any similar hardware encoder for video)

I’m currently using NVidia drive 9, is it related to the problem? (I can not update because the machine is shared for multiple projects in my company).

Thanks in advance,

Hi @delmotte,

DRIVE OS doesn’t support GStreamer. For hardware acdeleration, please use NvMedia frameworks.
Below are some NvMedia document/sample links of DRIVE OS in DRIVE Software 9.0 for your reference.

Thanks for the information, I’ll look at it.

So, does it mean that the documentation for Jetson agx xavier is completely independent from Drive agx xavier?

We don’t verify jetson documentation on DRIVE platforms. All supported/maintained features are documented in DRIVE related documentation.