Hardware Questions regarding Omniverse / Isaac Sim

I am trying to build a workstation for mainly Isaac Sim usage. I need four graphic cards for some really large scene simulation. Right now my specs is following:
CPU: X299 + 10980xe
GPU: 4*A6000 with NVLink
I am aware of the fact that X299/10980xe only has 48 PCIe lanes, which means it is impossible for all 4 A6000 to have the full bandwidth. I think the configuration is 16/8/16/8 so two of the A6000 only gets bandwidth of 8 slots even though it is connected to 16 slots(Please correct me if I am wrong)?
My hardware guy told me it is fine that a single A6000 can still get 16GB/s with 8 slots PCIe. So i guess the real question is, will Isaac Sim be power hungry enough so my A6000s hit a bottleneck? Will the NVLink bridges help in that case?
I also need it in the office so noise is gonna be a problem. I have both the CPU and GPU in water-cooled configuration. And that’s also the reason why I can’t go with a AMD solution because it is too much power consumption.

Thanks for sharing this info here, @sanguinary.roseg ! I am checking with the Isaac team on this very interesting setup!

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