Suggestions and Advice needed: building custom workstation optimised for Isaac Sim (Noob)

Hi! I am a researcher with experience in GPU-accelerated simulations and RL on HPC clusters, and interested in having local hardware powerful enough for running Isaac Sim/Omniverse (current mobile setup not beefy enough to even play around with Isaac Gym) and deep RL training.

One question I have for you guys is: is the ECC necessary? I see for example that the recommended card for Isaac Sim is the RTX A6000 with its hefty 48G VRAM and ECC. Have you guys used or are you using e.g. RTX4XXX, RTX3XXX series cards to run Isaac Sim? Can one get away with one RTX 4090 and manage with Isaac Sim/do RL training?

I have never built a custom workstation before and continuing to do research; any warnings, suggestions, pointers welcome!!

Hi @hanschanhs - These documents are useful in understanding the requirements for the GPU/CPU etc…

For ECC and other comments, I will revert the question to @kellyg.

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Hi there, yes RTX 4090 is enough for running Isaac Sim and RL. The more CPU and GPU memory you have available in your machine, the more environments you’ll be able to run in parallel.

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