Hardware Related issue Intel 82915G/910 GL express chip set with Nvidia GeForce GTX 295

Dear Friends…

I am a neophyte at CUDA …in fact i have not started…can anybody plz tell me whether it is possible to use Intel 82915G/910 GL express chip set(motherboard)…with Nvidia GeForce GTX 295 for CUDA .

vaguly i want to ask if i have a non-INVIDIA …motherboard like intel with a PCI-E slot…can i install GeForce GTX 295 or other CUDA enabled graphics card on it for working with…it…or i need GPU motherboard…only…i woluld be working on windows XP platform only…

Thanx in advance

you just need the graphics card and some slot on your board it fits in. ;-)
it doesn’t matter, which chipset you have.

Your power supply also needs to supply enough power for the GPU.