is GeForce FX 550 CUDA enabled?

Hi I have an old Dell computer Dimension 3000 (desktop).
It run Windows XP and already has an NVIDIA card installed (GeForce FX 550).
I have 2 questions:

  1. is my card CUDA enabled?
  2. If is not, is it possible to add a card that is CUDA-enabled in my old computer? If it is possible, do you have any recommendations?. I will use all this only for a class (not professional programing. The class is about parallel processing so I am not seeking for a fancy one.
    Please advice and thanks

Most likely not, according to this list.

I can’t even find your GPU on the NVIDIA website, but according to wikipedia it has a PCI Express connection and a power consumption of (up to) 25W. So maybe you can replace it with a GeForce GT 610, or a GeForce GT 630 (Kepler), or a more powerful GPU if your power supply allows you to.

thanks for your reply.
I decided I will use my other laptop, Dell XPS 200 and I found that the GeForce FT 610 is compatible!
Thank you so much for your time!