Hardware support for PTP in ConnectX-5


ConnectX-5 firmware release notes indicate that PTP is an unsupported feature (e.g., http://www.mellanox.com/pdf/firmware/ConnectX5-FW-16_23_1020-release_notes.pdf http://www.mellanox.com/pdf/firmware/ConnectX5-FW-16_23_1020-release_notes.pdf ). Does this mean there is no hardware support for PTP in ConnectX-5? I’d like to synchronize NIC device clocks in my network that uses ConnectX-5.



ConnectX-5 supports PTP.

The Release Notes wording should be fixed to explain the limitation better, it is referring to “service type” in the QP; this is an advanced feature that does not affect working with PTP today.

Sorry for the confusion.