Has Anyone Attempted "Real Time OS" Programming on the TX1

The https://elinux.org/Jetson_TX1#System_Tools section at eLinux on the TX1 looks to have good information on flashing and boot configuration.

I am wondering if anyone in this community has attempted to do Bare Metal programming on the TX1?

I am thinking of writing a small Real Time OS for things like PWM DC Motor control, I2C for Analog Sensors, (all of that on ARM CPU part of the TX1), and doing some small numerical calculations on the GPU part at the same time as the CPU is carrying out those functions.

This is just for learning and practice. I was able to do something similar on Raspberry Pi.

I am wondering if anyone has attempted to flash their own OS onto the TX1?

What sort of gotchas did you encounter?

Which resources did you find most useful?

Any tutorials out there?

Hi RazazRobotics, if you consult the Technical Reference Manuals, in theory you can port or code your own RTOS to run on the ARM cores. In theory with the TX1’s A57 CPU, other OS’s written for A57 could support it, however I haven’t seen that done in practice yet (probably because lack of GPU).