Real-time OS on Jetson Nano

Hi, is there any option of real-time OS which can be deployed on Jetson Nano with image processing capabilities?

We don’t have FreeRTOS-based firmware support for Jetson Nano, may other developers share experiences if they done something similar.

@kayccc Does it support any real-time OS? Not necessarily FreeRTOS. I am using a Jetson Nano on a small autonomous car where I need real-time image and sensor data processing for the navigating the car autonomously.

AFAIK, we don’t have. No sure if other developers implemented it.

FYI, NVIDIA partners are listed here:

If you go there and search the page for “real time”, then you’ll find “Concurrent Real Time”. I’ve never used their software, although I am curious about it. They might have something for you, but keep in mind the ARM Cortex-A series CPU is itself not really capable of “hard” real time.


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