Does Jetpack 6 support realtime?

I am trying to develop a robot on a Jetson Orin Nano.
I have setup the hardware and docker development container according to the Isaac ROS getting started guide: Getting Started — isaac_ros_docs documentation
The ROS 2 control documentation suggest using a real-time linux kernel: Controller Manager — ROS2_Control: Humble Jun 2024 documentation
I have seen that Jetson has a realtime kernel option, but cannot tell if it is already in use.
Do I have to patch the Orin and Docker’s kernel for realtime features?

Hi @jhat

Thank you for your post.

To enable the kernel support, you can follow our documentation: PREEMPT_RT Kernel for Jetson — isaac_ros_docs documentation

Please let me know if this documentation is helpful, or if you need further assistance.