Jetson Nano


I want to implement my own custom OS on my Jetson Nano,I dont intend to use the image file given by Nvidia as it seems to be very complex for my understanding.
I am planning to start with FreeRTOS for this.Any thoughts on this?
Is there any references/projects that i can refer to start with this?
I want to start from developing a basic RTOS to creating its image and flashing it to nano and run some basic applications with it.

Any ideas/suggestions are welcome!

Thanks in advance!

Hi saranyasathees.111,

We don’t have FreeRTOS-based firmware support for Jetson Nano, may other developers share experiences if they done something similar.

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ok Thank you :)…Could you please tell me what is the cross compiler i need to install foe running my own C/C++ applications on my nano board?
is gcc-linaro cross compiler toolchain the right way forward?

Have a check this document.