C++ IDE to run on Jetson Nano?

Hello everyone, first post here. I just got set up with my Jetson Nano. I have been doing some reading and I was wondering if there was a C++ IDE available that we could run on the Jetson Nano itself? The reason I ask is because I wanted to work through some of the example code from the book CUDA For Engineers on the Nano. Ive seen a lot of stuff out there on using Nsight and cross compiling from a host computer. However it was my hope that I could develop on the Nano directly using an IDE as that just seems a bit more convenient. Does anyone have any thoughts on this in general? Seems to be a bit of an ambiguous area to me.

Hi shossain, welcome to the Jetson community! Yes, you can compile and run IDE from onboard Nano. Recommend that you check out some of these related topics from the forums:

There is also a VS Code article by JetsonHacks for Nano here: https://www.jetsonhacks.com/2019/10/01/jetson-nano-visual-studio-code-python/

Alternatively, if you don’t prefer these IDE’s, you could always use GEdit + terminal and make/CMake to compile your code on Nano.

Thank you for the very helpful links. I will download VS Code on the Nano itself and have downloaded Nsight EE on my Ubuntu host machine. How are we supposed to connect the host machine to the Nano to use the two remote modes (cross-compilation and synchronize projects)? Are we to connect the Nano via USB to the host machine first?

If you plug in the Nano’s MicroUSB port to host PC, it should establish a network connection (I believe the Nano’s IP will be Otherwise you could connect the two machines via a switch or router.

hello, it would be nice if Nvidia wrote plugins for Visual Studio Code, like this:
1: we would be in the nails
2: this would give a homogeneous environment