What's the suitable develop tool on nano?

Thanks in advanced. I’m playing nano. When I update deepstream yolo codes, due to no suitable IDE on nano(I don’t know), I have to modify codes on host for better understand, then transfer to nano, which is boring me so much, because deepstream is not installed on host, I must copy it to host firstly and …Would anyone tell if there is an IDE that can read and modify codes on nano, except gedit and vim.

What’s wrong with vim? Vim is available and installed everywhere; knowing how to use it well will serve you well in a computing career.

Anyway, you can use Visual Studio Code: https://dev.to/azure/getting-started-with-iot-edge-development-on-nvidia-jetson-devices-2dfl

Thank you.

Visual Code Studio at Jetson Nano

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ sudo apt-get install curl
$ curl -L https://github.com/toolboc/vscode/releases/download/1.32.3/code-oss_1.32.3-arm64.deb -o code-oss_1.32.3-arm64.deb
$ sudo dpkg -i code-oss_1.32.3-arm64.deb
$ code-oss

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Its just what I want, thanks a lot.

Thank you for the post, it worked with ease. I am wondering if you have see this error in Visual Studio Code on the Nano: “Unable to start the C/C++ language server. IntelliSense features will be disabled. Error: Missing binary at /home/luke/.vscode-oss/extensions/ms-vscode.cpptools-0.24.1/bin/Microsoft.VSCode.CPP.Extension.linux.” If so, do you know how to resolve? Thanks!