Which IDE is the best for a novice to use C++ building program

Would u like to recommend me a good IDE for C++, I just started learning TX2.
what about Kdevelop?
thank you very much.

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Hi 582693898, see here for a post on installing Visual Studio Code IDE on Jetson:


If you search around the forums there are some others being used, however you may also find GEdit + terminal sufficient.

Hi dusty_nv,thank you for your attention. What I want to do is building programs for embedded system with open source, Is VS code suitable for me? If so, I’ll start learning it。
thank you!

VS code is free to use and works well on Linux for Linux development (though I tend to use vim or kate, or sometimes nedit). There are a lot of different syntax highlighting editors, not necessarily a true IDE, but VS code would be a good start. You could also try codeblocks. There can be a lot of trade-offs between what you get and amount of disk space used, so mostly it is just a case of trying different editors to see what you prefer.

I tried to use VS code, but it showed a mistake: 64 bit architecture not supported。
so I’m learning to use a IDE named Kdevelop, I copied the Hello AI World tutorial on NVIDIA’s official website to it and succeeded.

I have uploaded the mistake VS code showed
On #1

thank you, linuxdev!

The architecture of the Jetson is arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a. Apparently you tried a precompiled binary from one architecture (e.g., PC or 32-bit ARM instead of 64-bit ARM) on a different architecture. If no 64-bit ARM is available, then perhaps you could compile from source for cases of open source, but most complicated editors/IDEs have a lot of dependencies (compile would likely get complicated if you had this is source format).