IDE options considering ROS?

I am using VS code on intel processors for ROS.

Problem: C++ intellisense of VS code doesn’t work on ARM Nano ?

Which C++ IDE options are available for Nano considering compatibility with ROS, ARM, C++.

The CPU architecture is arm64/aarch64/ARMv8-a. Binary executables, even if for ROS, have no chance of working if the code is not for arm64. Intel processors are entirely different to ARM processors and 100% not compatible with each other.

EDIT: Typically you would develop either in a cross-architecture environment (e.g., an emulator for arm64), or directly on the end product.

Sorry, if my question was not clear.

I want to develop directly on Jetson nano. I am looking for an C++ IDE which has compatibility with ROS.

If the IDE is an easy to install, it would be a bonus. Because I do not find relevant info on ROS IDE page.

Other people will have suggestions, but you might consider “codeblocks” ("sudo apt-get install codeblocks").

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For the time being I followed below steps for VS code

Download : cpptools-linux-aarch64.vsix and install it through ‘Install from VSIX’.

Let me see, if it works in long run.