Tutorials to get me started with basic C++ development on Nano

Hi, I’m new to Jetson (and linux). I did lots of embedded C and C++ development. But all by using a development system on windows and some cross compilation.

Now I want to develop for the Jetson on the Jetson itself (in C++). Which is completely new for me. What tools (IDE/compiler) do I need and how do I access the peripherals.

Is there some tutorial available explaining these very first Jetson C++ development steps?
Preferable explaining how to access the peripherals.


The usual compiler is g++ (which is quite good). Nanos are a bit limited, and so an IDE might not be the best choice. Hopefully others will comment on IDEs for a Nano. Some suggestions are just for nice editors (versus a full IDE):

  • sudo apt-get install codeblocks
  • sudo apt-get install kate
  • sudo apt-get install jedit
    (it is basically a preference thing)

Eclipse is a full IDE, but it is rather “heavy”. I wouldn’t recommend it on a Nano (and sometimes not on a PC, but it has the most feature rich IDE). You won’t want to use this, but I quite often default to vi (vim is a version of vi and what is actually installed, i.e., “sudo apt-get install vim”). vi is purely command line and takes significant effort to learn, and although it does have a few variants, the real reason to use it is because it works on command line while being available on every Linux system since its conception. Still, vi is purely an editor. I’m going to guess codeblocks is the best starting point if you are going GUI.

Thanks for the answer.

Will Eclipse also to to heavy for a Orin Nano too?

I prefer not to have to deal with make files etc. So are there any alternatives?

I think Orin could run eclipse. “Orin Nano” is several generations beyond plain “Nano” (a TX1). Even so, I consider eclipse a bit heavy even on a desktop PC, but eclipse does have its place because of how much it can do. I wouldn’t even attempt it on an older Nano, or even a TX2; Xavier or Orin are the only ones I’d even attempt that on.

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