Has deepstream been removed from the Jetson apt repositories?

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Jetson Nano
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Can’t get any
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sudo apt-get update && apt-list | grep deepstream


deepstream-5.0/stable 5.0.1-1 arm64
deepstream-5.1/stable,now 5.1.0-1 arm64 [installed]

actual: nothing

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Is it deprecated or something? Is the login wall back? Reason for that? I can’t imagine making it more difficult to get software is a good thing. As part of my client’s requirements, getting DeepStream from apt would be simplest, but with every new JetPack release it seems like DeepStream is always missing. It’s kinda frustrating when our software (currently) relies on it.

Nevermind. Answered here:

Yes, there have dependency, and need to wait the next DeepStream SDK 6 to support with JetPack 4.6.

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