Unable to install Deepstream SDK due to unmet dependencies

I am trying to install DeepStream SDK on my Jetson Nano (4 GB)
However, I am getting this error while installing the .deb file - saying a bunch of packages cannot be installed - therefore unmet dependencies.
It looks like this -

Can you please help me resolve this problem?

P.S. - I did try to install the packages separately but that is also not happening.

Can you let us know the version of your Jetpack?
DeepStream6.2 is supported on Jetpack5.1, while Nano is supported by Jetpack 4.6.x, you need check the DeepStream version for your Jetpack.

Hello, thanks for helping out. I am unsure of how to check the Jetpack version, can you help how to check it?

Please paste the content of file /etc/nv_tegra_release, it is BSP version, and we can find the Jetpack version based on BSP version.

It gives me a permission denied error on the terminal, on the browser it shows like this. Is this what you wanted? Please let me know if I need to correct something here

32.7.3 is BSP version of Jetpack 4.6.3, the corresponding DeepStream version is 6.0.
JP4.6.3: JetPack SDK 4.6.3 | NVIDIA Developer
DS6.0 installation guide: Quickstart Guide — DeepStream 6.0.1 Release documentation (nvidia.com)
btw, you can also use SDKManager to install deepstream.

Thank you! It has installed just fine now!

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