Jetson Nano Deep Stream Installation

Hello Experts,

I had flashed the default SDK SD card image on brand new Jetson nano. Now I would like to try the Deepstream SDK and its samples.

As per the quick start guide, it has steps for librdkafka, v4l2 GStreamer, etc other than Deepstream SDK. Is it ok to install Deepstream alone or one need to install other things like librdkafka, etc ?

The easiest way to install deepstream from JP4.4 is to use the debian installation method:

$ sudo apt install ./deepstream-5.0_5.0.1-1_arm64.deb


  1. Download the debian version from the SDK site
  2. DO NOT copy / paste the command line shown in Method 3: Using the Deepstream Debian package. example found in the “Getting Started Guide”. It’ll give you errors.
  3. Copy / paste the filename name and extension exactly as per what was downloaded. In the example above, what you see after the “./” is the exact file name and extension of the SDK version I downloaded.
  4. Make sure you’re in the folder where you have the downloaded SDK file, you might get errors otherwise.
  5. You do not need to install or go through the steps shown in the “Getting Started Guide.”

This will install deepstream, no issues.

In the getting started guide it makes it look like you have to install and prepare the Jetson allot more than what’s actually required. They really should make that clearer. I didn’t clearly read the instructions the first time round and started doing things step by step. Nothing worked.

I reflashed the SD card and simply downloaded the SDK, and ran the command line above in the folder where I had the filed downloaded. All good.

I can’t comment on the SDK-manager or tar method.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @icornejo.a It works.

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