HAWK camera compatibility jetson orin nano developer kit

Hello, i have a jetson orin nano developer kit, I am interested in using a HAWK camera for compatibility with the Isaac ROS Argus Camera package. unfortunately, i am unable to find anywhere if this is compatible with the orin nano. i see that it comes with USB 3.0 EVA Kit SDK Supported does this mean i can hook it up to the usb slots on the orin nano?

thank you for your help.

i also found this on their website:

’ We have Orin drivers for the below cameras soon
Our current Jetson AGX Xavier camera kit are compatible with Jetson AGX Orin Developer Kit.

We have Orin drivers for the below cameras.
LI-AR0234CS-STEREO-GMSL2-30 this is the HAWK camera*

This system-on-module supports multiple concurrent AI application pipelines with an NVIDIA Ampere architecture GPU, next-generation deep learning and vision accelerators, high-speed IO, and fast memory bandwidth. Now, you can develop solutions using your largest and most complex AI models to solve problems such as natural language understanding, 3D perception, and multi-sensor fusion.’

as i understand all jetson orin modules work on an Ampere GPU architecture.

if anyone has any knowledge on the matter any help would be appreciated


hello castej10,

here’s device tree overlay for Hawk camera, but it’s available for AGX Orin only.
for example,

do you really have Hawk camera module? AGX Orin and Orin Nano had different camera slots.

hello JerryChang,

I dont have a HAWK camera, but i was very interested in it. I did reach out to them and told me the hardware is compatible but there were no drivers at the moment for the jetson nano.

Now im looking to go for the ZED X, they mentioned to me that their ZED SDK was able to go through ARGUS to connect directly to the GPU, would you happen to know or be able to guide me in that area?

thanks for the reply, and your time.

I know nothing about ZED SDK, but, there is VPI, Vision Programming Interface for your reference.

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For Hawk camera, we currently have drivers for Jetson AGX Orin / AGX Xavier developer kit and our Xavier NX box LI-XNX-BOX-GMSL2.

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