HDMI 1.4 on linux

Does this work on Linux or am I going to be stuck to a 165 Mhz pixelclock with on HDMI/Linux?

I want to run a 3840x2160 resolution display via 1 HDMI link (@30Hz).

I suppose my first question is are you absolutely limited by HDMI output? If the monitor outputs dual-link DVI I’d say you might be safer if you’re attempting to drive it with a recent/compatible desktop video card. My best advice is if you have not purchased the monitor yet, do it with a retailer that has a liberal return policy so you can see if it suits your needs.

Also, make sure that your output source actually supports HDMI 1.4 – when I tried to connect my Acer M5 ultrabook via HDMI to this monitor: http://www.microcenter.com/product/384780/EQ276W_27_IPS_LED_Monitor, it did not want to drive it past 1080p. To overcome this I ended up purchasing a DisplayLink HP 3005pr Port Replicator… however, that also does not work under Linux… using it on Windows now.

The panel only has HDMI (nothing else). Trust me I would happily drive this via 2x dual link DVI like I do with my 22 inch 4k (3840x2400) LCD but this new 50 inch display I am getting (already ordered but hasn’t arrived yet) is HDMI only unfortunately.

It is definitely HDMI 1.4. It has to be to run its native resolution (3840x2160). According to the spec page it supports 24 and 30 Hz at 3840x2160 over hdmi 1.4.

I believe my gtx470 and my macbook pro retina (gt 650m) should both support hdmi 1.4. I know poeple have done it on windows but I am not so sure about linux. I have never seen anything other than single TPMS 165 Mhz max pixel clock over HDMI (like single link DVI). Now that could be because the display I was hooked up to was not 1.4 spec and that is why but I am not sure about this as that is not the case with single/dual link DVI.

I am not sure I have heard of anyone even driving 2560x1440 (or 2560x1600) via HDMI on linux. I have a very bad feeling the nvidia driver is not going to do it on linux although I know 100% sure it will on windows.

I am hoping an alternative will be a DP -> HDMI adapter. I found one that says its 1.4 spec (supports 2560x1600 and 1080p@120Hz) so it should do 3840x2160@30hz. I am hoping it will be like the active DP -> dual link DVI adapter I have which is limited to the DP limit (480Mhz) not dual link DVI limit (330 Mhz).

Just thought I would see if I could find out now if this is doable on linux. Was hoping one of the nvidia guy’s would respond =(

I think you might have to try it out and report back unless someone else chimes in. From what I can see, both the GTX 470 and your macbook retina support HDMI 1.4 – and with the macbook yeah, you will need an (active) adapter to get it working, seems like they exist up to that resolution:

But yeah, just will be a matter if the NVIDIA Linux drivers do work at those resolutions. Let us know what you find out.

Edit: Even with that link, I haven’t been able to find any confirmation of anyone being able to drive a monitor with 3840x2160 on your laptop… even the macbook pro retina specs say “up to 2560 by 1600 pixels on up to two external displays.”

Edit 2: Seems like it is possible for the macbook pro retina, but apparently not even on OSX http://forums.macrumors.com/showthread.php?t=1560771 so, probably not on Linux for that one.

I have driven 3840x240 off my macbook. The real issue is just doing it over HDMI.

Well the display port -> HDMI adapter is not looking very promising. It works on linux however it says:

(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Connected display device(s) on GeForce GT 650M at PCI:1:0:0
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0)
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Apple Color LCD (DFP-3)
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0): 165.0 MHz maximum pixel clock
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0): Internal Single Link TMDS
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0): Native FlatPanel Scaling is
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): supported
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0): DFP modes are not limited to 60
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Hz refresh rate
(–) Apr 22 17:23:31 NVIDIA(0): Sceptre X42BV-FullHD (DFP-0): DFP is not internal to notebook

I got no output as soon as I went 165 Mhz on the pixel clock but I still don’t have the 4k display yet so I was just testing with a regular TV. Also instead of being the display port port (DFP-4) it switched to DFP-0 using the adapter (internal HDMI port was DFP-2).

I guess I will wait to see what it does once I get the display but things are definitely not looking good.