HDMI on DevKit? Broken Orin Nano manual link

TL;dr: is the Orin Nano Dev Kit DisplayPort output DisplayPort only, or DisplayPort++, meaning I can plug in a passive DP to HDMI cable?

Developing for Jetson is just one frustration after another. After no end of difficulty with Jetson Nano, today I got an Orin Nano Dev Kit, only to find it doesn’t have an HDMI connector. I don’t know about you, but but I don’t tend to have expensive displays around for little embedded kits. The one I was using for Jetson Nano has two HDMI inputs, no DP.

So I need an adapter. But is the Orin Nano DisplayPort++ or just DisplayPort (meaning can I use a passive cable or do I need an active cable)? Let’s go check.

Googling leads me to a similar question about AGX Orin, directing the poster to the User Manual. Okay, let’s check the Orin Nano user manual to see.

Oh wait, you can’t. The link to the manual on the Getting Started page is broken.

And because Nvidia’s website isn’t laid out in comprehensive way, you can’t just trim off parts of the URL to get to pages that have links for child pages, so I can’t find it from the AGX Orin manual link.

Start at the “Docs” link at the top of the page? Sure, just tell me how. There are hundreds of products listed there, with the most introductory of categories (Solutions, Industry Segments, Job Role, Interest Areas).

Try the search bar? Sure, type in “orin nano” and see what you get. 166 results of the most detailed single issues, like “Configuring the Jetson Expansion Headers.”

Let’s try “orin nano dev kit.” 53 results, first of which is the Getting Started guide. Third is more promising, but still seems not what I want: “Jetson Orin Nano Developer Kit User Guide - Software Setup.” Oh, but that page has a “Hardware Spec” section. And that just says the port is “DisplayPort.” I hate that the absence of the ++ on the end doesn’t really tell me what I need to know, since I don’t trust that the documentation is just missing the information or that it’s accurate and it really is a non-adaptive DisplayPort output.

So, do I run out to BestBuy to overpay for both active and passive adapters, and then make another trip to return the one I don’t need?

I’m still not sure what kind of HDMI support the DP port has, but this Insignia cable works. I was able to pick it up at my local BestBuy, and it’s also available on Amazon.

In Section 2.3 of the Jetson Orin Nano Dev Kit Specification, it says

A DisplayPort (DP) connector (J8) is provided. Dual mode is supported.

This says it is, in fact, DP++, which means a passive HDMI cable should work fine. However, the table following that shows pin #13, “MODE to support Dual-role mode,” as “unused.”

Hi, DP++ is supported. Pin #13 is used for mode selection. The spec doc will be corrected, thanks.

Oh wait, you can’t. The link to the manual on the Getting Started page is broken.

Could you point out which part is broken? The link seems able to work on my side.

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It’s correct now; someone must’ve fixed it. It was pointing to the AGX stuff earlier today.

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@WayneWWW Hmm, I went to the page again today, and it’s still broken. It just reloads the Getting Started page.

The link that’s broken

please check if from the download page first. Every hardware related document will be placed here.

Yeah, I found it there eventually. But a broken link is a broken link.

Yes, I know. It is not what I can fix. I will report it back and find someone to fix but this has to wait until the next workday.

Sorry about this.

No worries, I’m just letting you guys know. I either use the search to find the missing documents, or give up, depending on how important they are. I don’t know where else to report broken links, but this site does seem to have a lot of them.

That broken link issue should be fixed.

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