HDMI output "Not signal detected"


I’m getting some problems with three server where I have installed some GPUs. In my scenario, I have this configuration:

  • Two Dell Precision T7500 with 2 GPUs (one RTX3080 and one GTX1080Ti) in each one

  • One Dell Precision T3500 with 2 GPUs (one RTX2070 and one GTX1080).

Three servers are running Rocky Linux 8.8 with Nvidia driver version 535.54.03-1 (and CUDA 12.1). I have connected all servers with a KVM swith through HDMI port. If I boot a server, I can see ouput with no problems, but if I change KVM port and, then, reconnect again, video signal is lost and I can’t see anything in the monitor.

I have read that this could be a driver problem… but I’m not sure about it.

Could anybody help me?