HDMI Sound

The HDMI monitor that I am using is not listed in audio settings. This is a known issue (27.1 Release Notes, Implementation 2.2). The workaround stated is:

$ pulseaudio --kill


$ systemctl --user enable pulseaudio.service

Unfortunately this had no effect on my system. HDMI sound on this board/monitor worked previously on 27.0.1. Are there any other workarounds to try?

In the past I’ve installed the mumble chat client for no other reason than having it to configure audio. You might install mumble and see what audio settings it sees and can adjust.

Thanks. PulseAudio is blind to the HDMI sound output, ALSA sees it ok. I’ll keep this tip in my back pocket for future use!

Unfortunately PulseAudio seems to be what most of the system uses for sound output.

HDMI is hotplug, I’m curious if powering the monitor off and then back on might allow detection? I have issues on my desktop multi-monitor HDMI (NVIDIA video card) audio where the order of powering on monitors breaks or corrects audio on the incorrect monitor (and if I cold start the computer the monitors go up in a different order versus if the monitors sleep from lack of use and then turn back on). I tend to power the primary monitor off and back on before audio will migrate to the correct monitor…perhaps off/on power of the monitor will also cause HDMI audio to detect.

I still have this issue. Does anybody have a solution?

I too lack audio over HDMI after flashing 27.1
It did work with the identical setup right out of the box in 27.0.1
Is this looked into for 27.2?
Any known fix up till then?

Yep I have the same problem. No HDMI sound card visiblee on R27 Revision 1.0, and the monitor is an LG25UM58-P.

Any fix forthcoming? The pulseaaudio kill doesnt work for me.

That’s an interesting problem…I too see no listing for the HDMI audio out on the TX2, yet there is an analog output listed in the control panel (testing shows no actual output to HDMI monitor). I think the hardware is there, the mixer just doesn’t list it. I tried running a 7.1 surround sound mp4 test video under vlc-wrapper, but it crashed and burned (well, it core dumped with signal 7). Anyone interested in reproducing this get the surround sound test file from:

There is also a web URL version: