HDR Video Playback

Is there currently or are there plans for a Linux GeForce driver that supports HDR/10 bit video playback?

FYI, I chatted with support and he said I should ask here.

Plans and work, yes. But it advances rather slowly since it’s not a plain driver issue, first of all the infrastructure is missing in Xorg/Wayland:
Let alone HDCP for playing content protected media and player applications to handle HDR10+ or DolbyVision dynamic HDR material.
So, err, don’t hold your breath.

By the way, can you say if HDR10+ is supported, I mean dynamic HDR metadata in SEI, it should work with display port, but I am not sure about HDMI, it was added only in HDMI 2.1 but VRR is now supported, so maybe this one is also supported? I have 2080 Ti, thanks.

I don’t think so, there’s simply no api to hand over the metadata.

Is not dynamic metadata the same as static but you change it more than once? And there should be API for static metadata, right? And dynamic metadata should be supported in DisplayPort according to spec version.

This is bull****. Mass Effect andromeda supports Dolby Vision in windows. - YouTube


No BS. We’re talking about Linux here so it doesn’t matter what works or doesn’t on Windows. On Windows, in case of Nvidia, this is done over NvAPI which doesn’t exist on Linux.

Mmm. Well, I was talking about windows, so… Anyway, linux is still very bad with HDR Linux 5.3 To Enable HDR Metadata Support For AMDGPU Driver - Phoronix

Meanwhile mpv added decode for Dolby vision with MMR and poly reshaping and added stuff for IPTPQc2. No support for Dyn. Metadata and FEL.
Nvidia promised to fix NVapi for mass effect andromeda.