Cannot turn off Dolby Vision HDR mode after calling NvAPI_Disp_HdrColorControl with NV_HDR_MODE_DOLBY_VISION

Hi, I’m working with Dolby to implement Dolby Vision HDMI pass-through on the Nvidia cards. In their sample code, it uses NvAPI_Disp_HdrColorControl function with the .hdrMode field set to NV_HDR_MODE_DOLBY_VISION and that works, but to turn it off, it calls NvAPI_Disp_HdrColorControl with the NV_HDR_MODE_OFF value. This does not work and the attached TV remains in Dolby Vision mode with a black screen. Does anyone know how to reset or force the adapter back to the Windows desktop without HDR programmatically? Of course I have asked Dolby about this issue but they have referred me back to NVidia since it seems to be a driver issue. Already tried the latest driver.

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