Headless Centos 7 Overclock

I have a fresh install on Centos 7 using the integrated display adapter for the video out and using the nvidia card for computing only. How can I enable and adjust the clock setting via command line?

I’ve been search the web for a few hours without finding what I’m looking for.
Thank you

You need Xorg (or modded bios), that said you don’t need a display to run Xorg.

Took me 10 seconds to find this, looks correct to me (replace fan speed adjustments with your OC, “-q all” to list).

I’ve tried searching, found that same page and that didn’t work.
The problem is that nvidia-settings needs to run in an X server. I don’t have nvidia running in an X server. I actually do have an X server running but only on an embedded graphics card.
when I run nvidia-settings -q all, I get

ERROR: The control display is undefined; please run nvidia-settings --help for usage information.

I’m trying to figure out how to attach the Nvidia driver to a separate X session than the one running for the embedded graphics.

That script is fairly well commented, if you care to read it you will find more or less a step by step guide how to get this stuff working. The basic idea is generating xorg config and executing a headless Xorg only long enough to execute nvidia-settings command via xinit.

You don’t need monitors connected or nothing like that. X server is only required because nvidia-settings is unfortunately using Xext API to communicate with DDX driver IIRC.