Headless Execution Color Saturation

Hey everyone,
I’ve built an automated script for running Omniverse headlessly for many unique renders of vehicles.

I’ve noticed that my RGB colors (normalized) tend to be much more white (saturated) than expected, are colors supposed to be translated from Hex to sRGB?

For example, this should be Red Ferrari (#ff2800 color RGB value is (255,40,0) which is normalized via /255). Ends up orange. Script ran headlessly with a dome light. Basic Riser and Puddles without any modifications to any Scene prims.

Thanks everyone!

Hello @michael.lombardo! Thanks for your question! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

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@michael.lombardo I’ve reproduced this. I’m asking around for an official response, but my immediate guess is a difference between linear and sRGB color values.

I found this stackoverflow link that points to a calculator to convert values.

I entered 255,40,0 into the sRGB top row, clicked the sRGB8 button on the right, and the value you want would be sRGB[0,1] on the third row (1.0,0.021219, 0.0) Which gives the color you’re looking for. I entered that new color into a quick rep script and the color looks correct.

I’ll get back with more info on the intended workflow here, but this is indeed something that would be nice to make clearer, or have a smoother workflow.