Headless Jetson

Hi is there a headless jetpack 4.4 version (as in CLI only, similar to ubuntu-server)? Or is there a documented process for creating a headless version, old method of using tasksel (worked as of 4.2.3) no longer appears to work.

We don’t have document for this. May need other users to share experience.

FYR. In developing headless mode, there is one issue you may hit:

This string of commands was developed elsewhere for the Nano and appears to work fine for the NX.
sudo systemctl stop gdm3
sudo systemctl disable gdm3
sudo systemctl set-default multi-user.target
sudo apt remove --purge ubuntu-desktop gdm3
sudo reboot now

If anyone has any issues with the above would love to hear.

As to the issue you linked, I’m finding it hard to deconstruct what happened.Was the summary that in headless mode (though it appeared that the original poster did alot of fudling around to get a 3rd party carrier board working aswell), Gstreamer won’t work (we use Deepstream/Gstreamer for our inference pipeline and haven’t observed this issue)? Either way, thank you for linking the issue!