Help a newbie

Hi All,

We are a 60 strong architects practice, and for remote/home working use Server 2012 R2 RDP session,

As you can imagine, we do run a wide range of software, from ArchiCad (which is why I am here) to standard office applications. Whilst RDP works well, we need to improve the 3D element for when people are working away from their desktop PCs.

I am happy with what cards we may need to purchase, but where I come unstuck is with the licencing side of the setup.

We probably have 5, maybe 10 users maximum using the system remotely at any one time.

Ideally, we would like to improve our current Windows Server 3D sessions asap, whilst we look at the bigger project of Citrix, so it would be great if spending can be minimised.

Is there some kind of idiots guide to how the licencing works, along with a rough idea of costing for budget planning?



it is explained in detail here:

In short:
For each RDSH CCU session you need a vApps license.



If you host a server from which apps are generated, you also need a server vGPU license. Depending on whether or not you need Quadro features, you would then decide what profile you’d need. This would be the case for hosting on XenServer, Hyper-V or ESXi.

The number of RDSH vApps licenses would correspond to whatever the maximum number of concurrent sessions would be.

We run on both Huper-V and XenServer platforms, with both RDS and XenApp delivery.