Help for project specifiation on Jetson Nano

I would like to ask about a planning state project which will be implemented on a Nano if I can find a proper solution, that is why I ask for help.
In short about project:
Goal: image/video stream processing (choosable input type), recognition&display visually calculated objects in video stream/on image
Mode: GUI (like WPF) in .NET6/7/Core
Platform: Jetson Nano v2 with RTOS/Linux OS
Sensor: 1pcs Raspberry Pi Camera Modul v2, later want to use 2pcs
Display: standard display with HDMI/display port
Language: C#/C++/CUDA or ???
IDE: VS/VSCode/Avalonia ???
Can you suggest me a fitting IDE (I’m familiar with Windows based IDEs) and language combination, please ?
Thank you in advance!

You can find some interesting project sharing at Latest Jetson & Embedded Systems/Jetson Projects topics - NVIDIA Developer Forums to gain some ideas.
You can also consider to use DeepStream SDK on Jetson with have samples and most functions are ready to support your project, see DeepStream SDK | NVIDIA Developer

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