Help improving my project

Hi all,

I’m building an autonomous car that holds a camera. This camera detects weeds and a turret (or arm) will spray this weed to kill it.

The car now is autonomous, and I reach to train a model to detect the weeds. But I don’t know how to continue to set up an arm, how to control it, etc…Anyone of you has experience controlling arms in jetson?

I have this post but is done in raspberry and opencv

thank’s for your help

Hi ecabanas2,

You can check those interesting projects shared at to see if can gain some ideas on yours.

WOW thank’s for your fast help



Following might be interesting tool to build robot ARM (Note: Have not tested personally)

Also, for autonomous robot car such as RC10 or smaller, nvidia has build Jetson based JetBot and JetRacer. Please have a look.




Thank’s for your help again. My project has 2 different sides autonomous car & Spray.

1º Car: I’m using a platform with Pixhawk to control the car, path, etc. And now is working perfect ;-)

2º Detection & Spray: I’m using a Jetson nano (and TX2) to detect a weed, now I’m testing with oranges and the system detects perfect, but I don’t know how to do:

a) Activate a relay to spray whe detects the weed (orange in test mode)
b) Use an arm with Nano. 
c) How to calculate where to move the arm. I think the way could be centering the arm and calculate how far is the weed from the center of the image and apply this "correction" to the arm to fire the spray.

many many thank’s for your suggestions & help, my garden will be appreciate your comments


Hi ecabanas, I am working on this subject with jetson nano. We can share information each other. You can contact me via e-mail.