[HELP] NVIDIA Inception AWS Cloud Credits

Hi everyone,

Does the AWS credit provided come with constraints like, it can be used only for P3 instances? Or can we use the credit for other services like AWS Lambda/API gateway? The reason we are asking is, when an AI/ML model is approved for our production, we won’t train the model again until it drifts beyond our retraining threshold? So during that time, if we could use the credits for other services like Lambda where we will most probably host the model endpoints it will be beneficial for us.

Thank you!

Hello @drsara and thank you for your question!

The intention of the credit program is to provide Inception startups with access to accelerated computing resources on AWS. That being said, AWS credits are applied to your AWS bill regardless of what instance type or service you use.

Hope this helps!

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Thank you so much. I appreciate it. You have been so helpful. Stay safe and healthy!