Help with integrating CUDA 5.0 in VS2010 (Error MSB3721)

Hello everyone, I’ve been trying to learn CUDA programming following the instructions here

I think I have a pretty decent understanding of the code provided by the guy but when I try to compile his source files I get this error and it’s something that came up in a different project as well. I’ve searched all over (including the topics here) but I have no answer as per what it is and how I can fix it.

The two errors I get are

the bolded part is just the just the runtime API from nvcc command line.

The other error is

Error 1 error : declaration is incompatible with "time_t time(time_t *)"

I’m not really concerned about the 2nd error but the 1st one seems to pop up on some projects while it seems to work alright for few very basic projects that I use to test the compiler. really not sure what is going on here, it of course has nothing to do with the OpenGL integration as it seems to have been integrated successfully. I followed every instruction down to the point of making sure they are the same versions and follow the exact same path for the libraries. If I can just get this code to compile I can at least start working on it and play around with it. I’d appreciate any help. Also are there any alternative to Visual studios for CUDA (with OpenGL) programming on windows?

I seem to have created the topic in the wrong sub forum, can I have it moved to the Setup and Installation sub forum please?