Hi, I need help programming Vision on this the NVidia JEtson Tx1, Where should I start? I have the board and the repos and files for CUDA and VisionWorks, I dont know what to do though.

Hi itsnotsnehal,

Have you installed VisionWorks ad CUDA?
If no, please install it via JetPack directly:

Not sure what you want to implement, in general, for VisionWorks -> CUDA sample, please check our CUDA Layer Object Tracker Sample App example, you can find our example at ‘/usr/share/visionworks/sources/samples/object_tracker_nvxcu/’.


Hi Kayccc,

I am new also.

I do the following

sudo make

in ‘/usr/share/visionworks/sources/samples/object_tracker_nvxcu/’.

how to execute the result?

I go obj direction,all are *.o file. Which is the execution file?



I run the following command :

in /usr/share/visionworks/sources/bin/aarch64/linux/release$


You can compile VisionWorks with these command:

/usr/share/visionworks/sources/ ~/
cd ~/VisionWorks-<visworks_ver>-Samples/
make -j4

This information can be found in our readme shared here:


I am trying to get the board to recognize apiece of tape. Based on the the of the tape and the input value, the robot can recognize an object from a distance and what to do. What must I do in order to perform this action.

To begin with, it’s recommended to check our webinar first: